Artificial Intelligence and Education

Another interesting article on AI. The future may very well belong to the coders and programmers. If you ever wondered about the importance of coding in education, now is the time. We should start to teach coding skills in Elementary School, along with the math principles behind good coding skills. Great article below:

#HTML5 – Time to move beyond Silverlight & Flash

Remember years ago when Steve Jobs opted to remove flash from Apple mobile products? It’s 2015 and that slow moving death of Adobe Flash is now a high-speed train; aiming to get us to that future a lot faster than we thought. HTML5 is here to stay, so what are you doing online? Are you […]

Just Take Our Money Please – Microsoft Hololens

Not sure if you have the same opinion as me, but I just watched this video, again, and was blown away by the possibilities. I remember watching Avatar, Iron Man and Minority Report, wondering when this technology was going to arrive. Well we are almost there and Microsoft continues to re-imagine and reinvent itself; showing us both wonderful […]

Protecting The Web We Weave

Recent reports of online, mobile and POS (Point-of-Sale) security breaches have started to erode our confidence in the reliability of the cloud. But have we focused too much on convenience?  Or should we simply revert to best practices, for computing security? Time stands still for no one and we cannot necessarily roll back the clock […]

Is Your Data Shell-Shocked?

Well it did not take long for the Internet, and the world, to be introduced to a new threat. On the heels of the Heartbleed bug comes a new vulnerability, which may turn out to be far worse. The vulnerability, discovered in September of 2014, has ramifications across the entire Internet and cloud community. The gravity of […]

Who Manages Your Critical Health Data?

Are you using a developer or re-seller for your critical health records? Medical software is an important part of your medical practice. When you make a purchase be sure that you are working with a company that actually understands the field. You need someone who can work with your medical practice and actually make adjustments, […]

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