The Internet has rapidly become a part of our daily lives. It has erased borders between communities and has changed the whole globe by becoming a single entity. It is a significant tool offering an unconstrained quantity of information and services from around the globe. By using your PC, you can read a newspapers, order books, input and process data, view pictures or listen to radio stations from around the planet; with countless web sites and services added daily. It can be overpowering; and at times, it’s difficult to find the precise information you want. Knowledge is what keeps you surfing safely, and protecting your information, and so ignorance of the hazards is no excuse. Some of these threats can take the form of viruses, hackers, spyware, malware, worms, trojans and new to the scene, of internet threats, phishing. If you are not sure what they mean then you must take the time to educate yourselves and how they can affect you.

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By: Manuel Andrew James
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