So, this is how it started in AR! Do you remember the View-Master? I had one of those, but lets get up to speed. That was a long time ago. Moving on to present day, we had the following:

The Original Commercial for #GoogleGlass

Microsoft HoloLens

The Ray-Ban Take on Augmented Reality


I guess its all about timing when it comes to AR, VR and any virtual technology. Future tech thrives on perfect timing. So just when you thought augmented reality couldn’t get any more expensive, Apple swoops in to drain your wallet of its last remaining pennies. But hey, it’s totally worth it, right? I mean, who needs a college education or a down payment on a house when you can experience the joy of seeing digital objects overlaid on your real-world surroundings?

Timing is Everything?

While other companies like Google, Microsoft, and even Ray-Ban have dabbled in the AR game, Apple is here to remind us all that timing is everything. Who cares if they’re late to the party? It’s not like anyone wanted affordable, accessible technology anyway. No, we’ve been eagerly waiting for Apple to grace us with their presence and charge us an arm, a leg, and a kidney for the privilege. So go ahead, mortgage your future for the Apple VisionPro AR headset, because what’s financial stability compared to having a shiny new toy on your face? Granted, the visuals from the Apple event were stunning. See it below:


No sarcasm here because you know I’m probably going to get one from the discount store. Lord knows, I can’t afford one. It has all the Ready Player One vibes going for it, with a touch of Tony Stark. Yet, at that price, all it says to me is a couple of nice gaming rigs (sorry PS5 – you just cost too much). But I digress!

But maybe this will be the replacement for your TV? Or maybe not? Maybe the price will come down? Or maybe they don’t want me to have one? Who knows? I hope Google, Samsung and others are watching. But hopefully it won’t end up like Apple’s Lisa Computer.  By the way, It’s a great little documentary.

Watch the Apple Lisa Documentary Here:


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