So today was a day filled with frustration and sadness. Late last night, a terrible accident occurred, resulting in the tragic loss of two truck drivers. My heart goes out to their families and loved ones during this difficult time. This unfortunate event has not only brought sorrow but has also exposed a deep problem within our community – the limitations of our road and public transit options in Durham.

It’s disheartening to realize that such incidents highlight the urgent need for better transportation infrastructure. Here are some of my personal insights while I explore simple, yet effective, solutions to enhance connectivity and prevent future tragedies.

Simplicity Inspired by Japan: A Rail Line Across the 407

Embracing Japanese Ingenuity: It’s time to take inspiration from countries like Japan and their efficient rail infrastructure. Picture a rail line cutting across the 407, offering an alternative to the congested highways and providing a seamless, reliable mode of transportation.

This simple above ground solution has the potential to transform our daily commutes and promote sustainable travel options. It doesn’t have to be underground or complicated.

Taking a Page from Germany: Introducing Busways in Durham

Busways: The German Approach: Today’s frustrating drive made me yearn for stress-free journeys and reliable transportation. Let’s consider implementing dedicated busways, following the success of Germany’s transit system.


By offering lanes exclusively for buses, we can bypass traffic and create a more efficient commuting experience, just like Mississauga has done. Many cities around the world have adopted this approach to enhance public transportation and provide faster and more reliable bus services.

Unlocking Connectivity: The Power of Frequent Bus Routes

We all deserve more options to navigate within Durham. Let’s advocate for frequent bus routes that align with our travel patterns, connecting key destinations and reducing our reliance on cars. We can build a transit system that caters to the needs of our community and promotes a more connected region.

Expanding GO 407: Seamlessly Integrating Durham and Beyond

Today’s frustrating drive reminded me of the importance of seamless connections within Durham. It’s time to push for an expansion of the GO 407 service, providing more frequent and reliable connections.

By improving transit options, we can integrate our communities, streamline travel experiences, and unlock countless opportunities for growth. There are many cars driving across the north, not ending in downtown Toronto. Why not provide the frequent and reliable service we need today?

The CP Line via Seaton: Extending Transit Options

As a resident of Durham, I strongly believe in the need for a wider range of transit options. Let’s explore the potential of utilizing the CP line via Seaton to extend our reach into midtown Toronto. This integration could enhance our commuting experiences and stimulate economic growth within our region.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In Japan, and other countries, simple options with above ground rail do work. Implementing simple above-ground rail options, as seen in Japan and other countries, can be an effective solution for improving public transportation. It’s time to take action and prioritize tangible steps to address transportation challenges Lets stop talking and start moving!

Keeping it Simple: Creating a Connected Future for Durham

Today’s tragic accident has opened our eyes to the urgent need for better transportation infrastructure in Durham. There are not enough options available for Durham residents. As a community, we must prioritize straightforward yet effective solutions.

Lets invest in frequent bus routes, advocate for rail options, and expand existing services. We can create a connected future that simplifies our daily lives; transforming Durham into a region with accessible and reliable transit options.