Picture this: a world where tangled cables reign supreme, and the scent of fresh ink fills the air. In this peculiar land, printers jam with a vengeance, and the sound of paper being shredded is music to some ears. Yes, we’re talking about the mysterious realm where paper rules and tech takes a backseat.

As the rest of the world races towards a paperless existence, these individuals are not only embracing paper but celebrating its many quirks. They revel in the art of untangling cords, in the joyous symphony of a dot matrix printer’s rhythmic chatter. Okay, the dot matrix is extreme. For them, the typewriter is a lullaby that serenades their creative endeavours; but I digress.

But why, you may ask? Are they simply afraid of change? Are they nostalgic for a simpler time when technology didn’t govern every aspect of our lives? Or do they possess some secret knowledge that eludes the rest of us?

In this battle between trees and tech gurus, it’s hard to say who will emerge victorious. Is disruption always good, or are some people genuinely resistant to evolving beyond the realm of paper? Perhaps there’s a certain magic in the tactile nature of paper that transcends the digital revolution.

I’m all for embracing retro tech and indulging in some random retro gaming. There’s a certain charm in revisiting the past and the art of collecting. However, when paper takes over an office to the point of absurdity, it’s hard not to question if we’ve gone too far. It’s crucial to find the right balance between nostalgia and progress, ensuring we evolve without getting tangled in mountains of paper. So, let’s enjoy the laughs but also keep our eyes on the future.