Iā€™m fascinated by disruption and change. But we are about to enter an era of unprecedented change. The question is are you prepared for the tsunami of change that AI is bringing? The genie is out of the bottle, and its disruptive power is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace. Will you adapt?

Cyberpunk AI FutureThink back to the push for coding and STEM education. It was a rallying cry to equip ourselves with the tools needed to thrive in the digital age. Understanding its impact and inner workings is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our future will depend on our ability to adjust to the new realities of the world.

As AI infiltrates every aspect of our lives, from self-driving cars to virtual assistants, we can’t afford to ignore its implications in the world of SEO and search. Algorithms are evolving, and the way we optimize websites and attract online traffic is undergoing a profound transformation. ChatGPT is now integrated with services like Bing. Google will eventually do the same. So I pose the question, are you willing to stay up to date, or fall behind?

The world is rushing towards AI, and despite serious concerns, it’s time to learn, adapt, debate, correct and adjust. If rules need to be set, we need to do it now; especially as companies race to use the technology. The AI revolution is here and whether we like it or not we need to evolve, understand the implications and move forward.