🌿💪 A flavour showdown? No, it’s just the best for me. Thyme holds a special place in my heart as an essential seasoning that brings depth and richness to my cooking. Growing up in Toronto with Jamaican roots, thyme was a staple in our kitchen, infusing our meals with its unique aroma and distinct taste. My mother trained me well. From stews to chicken, thyme added that extra kick that made our dishes truly unforgettable.

It’s a herb that connects me to my heritage and brings joy to my culinary creations. And who knows, one day I might even start a company that celebrates the power of this incredible herb (yes, it’s on my mind).

So once and for all – thyme is the ultimate herb! Enjoy the flavour! 💚🌿 #ThymeLove #HerbEnthusiast #ForTheLoveOfThyme

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