Always curious, forever learning.



Always curious, forever learning.




WordPress, Drupal, DIVI, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, CPANEL, Adobe Creative Cloud, Hubspot, SEMrush, Digital Marketing, Hosting, CMS, Content & Web Management.



Optimization, monitoring, analysis & research. The great and mysterious algorithm continues to work its magic, but do you know what it takes to be found?


Information Technology

Microsoft, Linux, Apple, Smartphones & Cloud Computing. Technology can help to solve business problems, but are you prepared for the impact of change?



Identify, analyze and evaluate. Businesses today must understand their data to stay competitive in the digital age. Helping you gain the insights you need today.



Exploring the realm of GIS; navigating the intersections of geospatial data, web, & e-commerce. Where technology meets geography, new insights & opportunities at every turn.



“Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?” If you’ve watched Babylon 5 & Crusade you would know the reference. A Tech. Pro., always willing to lend a hand.

About Me

Let’s just say I’ve been navigating the digital seas for over two decades. From web management to SEO and analytics, I’ve got the experience. Computing? No problem. Even dabbled in medical solutions and software development. Consider me your one-stop shop for all things digital.​ But my passions extend far beyond the confines of technology.

From the realms of science fiction to the nostalgic allure of Retro Gaming, and from the new landscapes of Web3 to the technology of GIS, I’m always seeking new knowledge and experiences to grow personally and professionally. I also have a passion for #fintech, #eCommerce, sustainability, and Linux.

I’ve had the honour of volunteering extensively, including receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Government of Canada and contributing to the S’port For Kids Foundation. Life has taught me to embrace change as a facet of growth, navigating the currents of digital disruption with unwavering curiosity. Always curious, forever learning.