Revitalizing suburban transit in North Ajax is crucial for fostering seamless, safe, and inclusive off-peak travel experiences that prioritize accessibility and infrastructure adequacy.


Ensuring the accessibility and safety of public transit in suburban areas like North Ajax is fundamental to creating a vibrant and inclusive community. This project aims to address existing gaps in transit infrastructure, particularly focusing on off-peak travel and the accessibility of bus stops across North Ajax. By mapping and evaluating these stops, my goal is to advocate for improvements that enhance convenience and inclusivity for all residents, laying the groundwork for a robust suburban transit network that meets the evolving needs of our community.


This project is a stepping stone towards realizing a long-term vision of accessible and efficient transit across Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa, and beyond. Through collaboration with Durham Transit, Durham Region, The Town of Ajax, and Metrolinx, we can pave the way for substantive improvements that benefit our entire community; ensuring that every journey begins and ends with accessibility, safety, and convenience at its core.

By advocating for enhanced transit stops and infrastructure, we are not just addressing immediate needs but also laying the foundation for a future where public transportation is a reliable and integral part of suburban life. Accessible transit should be the cornerstone of a thriving and inclusive community.

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