If you are looking for a new PC look no further! The replacement for Windows Vista has arrived; delivering improved performance and productivity to all. Windows 7 reminds me of Windows XP, a pretty much solid OS that performs and just works as needed. Yes, it took time for Windows XP to get to that stable position, but I believe Microsoft has learned a lot from their Vista experience.

  1. Windows 7 works with the applications we have today. A wonderful feature included in Windows 7 is “XP Mode”. This allows administrators and I.T professionals to work with existing applications, ensuring that they are compatible; lessening the hindrance to general adoption.
  2. The Operating System, in testing, is generally fast and responsive.
  3. Windows search and indexing is substantially improved.
  4. Windows 7 includes a host of enhancements like Windows Aero, Snap and Peek.
  5. Developers of the OS have changed the sharing process, improving how files and devices are shared on a network.

There are a host of other enhancements, but I believe that Windows 7 will be one of the best releases from Microsoft in a long time. In a sense Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should have been; however let’s not cry over the past. Moving forward Windows 7 will help Microsoft maintain their position as premier desktop OS provider, which is only positive news for hardware and software companies who support applications running Windows. Kudos to the Microsoft development team and everyone involved in the release process. Now if they could only think about the next stage, and mobile computing.