Are you using a developer or re-seller for your critical health records? Medical software is an important part of your medical practice. When you make a purchase be sure that you are working with a company that actually understands the field. You need someone who can work with your medical practice and actually make adjustments, when needed; according to your specific office workflow. You don’t ask a carpenter for a hammer and instead get a screwdriver. If that were to happen you probably would wonder “does this individual even know what they doing”.

The same principles should apply to your health records technology implementation. When you select an application you want to know that the company doing the implementation actually (1) understands your needs and (2) is able to match those needs with a product that works specifically for you. Experience is the key to any software implementation and simply using “buzz words” should be a flag to take a second look. You want a carefully thought out plan and exemplary execution by the vendor.

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By: Manuel Andrew James
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