Over the last few months, how many times have we heard the phrase “in these trying times”? These phrases are used on almost every news report and talk show. Sure, we are definitely in some difficult times, but what will it look like after we’ve gotten through this pandemic? The suburbs are changing, and many habits are adjusting as well. COVID-19 (1) has shifted our perspective on travel, (2) how we think about work and (3) the importance of family and friends. Is it a permanent shift? Are they long lasting changes?

What effect would this have on places such as downtown Toronto, where people are moving from condos and apartments? We now live in a world where people work from home and some are comfortable with the idea. It will force us to reconsider how we build the GTA and beyond. The question is how we transition to a more adaptable, economical and long-term future for the entire region?

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