In 2024, Google is revolutionizing marketing with a strong emphasis on AI. At Google Marketing Live 2024, the company unveiled several AI-driven advertising innovations. These include automated ad creative production, immersive ad formats such as virtual try-on, AI-integrated ad placements in search results, and new profit optimization goals.

Google Marketing Live 2024 announcements:

AI-Powered Advertising

Google is infusing AI across its ad products to automate creative production, enable immersive ad formats like virtual try-on, and test AI-powered ad placements in search results.

Brand Tools and Profiles

Brands can now build rich profiles on Google Search and use AI tools to create ads inspired by their brand imagery and photos.

Data Management and Insights

Google Ads Data Manager allows first-party data unification, while AI-driven insights and benchmarking are coming to Google Analytics.

Measurement and Optimization

New profit maximization goals, a measurement diagnostics hub, and the open-source Meridian tool aim to improve marketing measurement and optimization.


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