Revisiting “The Creator,” a film that continues to captivate me, even on subsequent viewings, I find its allure multifaceted. The haunting soundtrack, especially Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place,” paired with the visuals during the aerial operations mission, resonates deeply with me. I collect films like this one!


I still give this movie two enthusiastic thumbs up, although I would have preferred a more enigmatic ending. The conclusion, while satisfactory, felt somewhat conventional for such an innovative film. In any case, I have to commend the creative minds behind the concept of NOMAD. The initial trailers cleverly misdirected audiences, setting up expectations that were not just subverted but completely overturned, revealing a situation far more complex and dire than initially suggested. The visuals of NOMAD felt astonishingly real, capturing a future that is both mesmerizing and slightly disturbing, evoking the sense of an omnipotent overseer.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Us?

The film’s exploration of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society is particularly poignant given the rapid advancements we’re witnessing in AI technology today. It’s reshaping the landscape of virtually every aspect of our lives, from work to entertainment and beyond.

I strongly recommend watching “The Creator” and contemplating the actions our current governments might take in similar circumstances. It’s a thought-provoking piece that challenges our preconceptions about the relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence.

But I have some what if questions:

  • What if AI became our allies against human oppression?
  • What if the line between human and AI consciousness became indistinguishable?
  • What if AI developed emotions?
  • What if AI could solve global crises that humans couldn’t?
  • What if AI decided to leave Earth to protect itself from humans?
  • What if AI could transfer human consciousness, offering a form of immortality?
  • What if AI became the guardians of nature and the planet’s ecosystems?
  • What if AI could predict and prevent conflicts before they occur?
  • What if AI developed its own form of spirituality or religion?
  • What if AI could communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence before humans could?

As a thinker, observer and tech enthusiast, these questions intrigue me. They challenge us to envision a future where AI isn’t just a tool but a profound force that could redefine humanity’s trajectory.

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